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2017 December THE TRAVELLER SalzburgerLand
2017 August THE TRAVELLER UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya
2016 October THE TRAVELLER SalzburgerLand
2016 January THE TRAVELLER SalzburgerLand
2016 April Tour de Monde Norway
2016 May Lonely Planet SalzburgerLand
2016 April Lonely Planet Mexico
2016 February Lonely Planet Norway
2016 March Hana Tour Travel Norway
2015 June AB ROAD Norway
2015 April AB ROAD SalzburgerLand
2007 December SBS FM Power FM 4 Nordic Countries promotion
2007 July - October SBS FM Power FM Radio Promotion for 4 Nordic countries
2006 KBS FM RM Mozart special full 3 days are allocated for Mozart Music Live
1997 SBS FM Morning Wide “Breakfast in Vienna” Radio campaign for 3 months
1994 KBS Radio documentary on Tourism in Europe
1994 KBS FM Good morning “Aloha Friday” for Hawaii and “Go for the Magic”
1992 - 1994 Orlando promotion