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Nancy C. J. Choi
President & CKO

As a front-liner in the tourism and PR industry, Nancy Choi is well-known and respected in her
field as a hard-working career woman.
Her innovative ideas and creative marketing promotions have brought CJSW widespread recognition
as an international PR consultancy in Korea as well as in other parts the world.
Her confidence and pride in profession is fueled by her nearly limitless energy and passion.
Nancy is a veteran of the PR profession with deep roots in tourism.

She holds influential roles in trade groups, as the Chairwoman of the Association of National Tourism Office
Representatives - Korea (ANTOR), stands as Chairperson of the Korea branch of the International Public Relations
Association (IPRA) for 2007 and EWHA A&P Chairperson 2003.

Her career has built a strong reputation int the foreign media and as an Airliner in Executive position.
She was the Director of Communications for the global PR and media campaigns for the 2010 and 2014
PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games bids as well 2018.

For her accomplishments, Nancy was bestowed Decoration of Merit in Silver from the
republic of Austria Government, also received the Johann Strauss Gold Medal and
Certificates of Merit from the Austrian Government, and was honored for three years
from 1997 as an Ambassador of the UN IAEWP.

A graduate of Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Nancy is also the author of a book
of travel essays entitled “What a Wonderful World.” Her second book “Market Yourself
and PR the World” was published in January 2010.